There is no bigger happiness than having good health as we live our lives. Even a small deviation in one’s health from the median results in day-to-day deviations from a normal lifestyle; moreover, it gives your body both the mental and physical stress which no one likes to have. To make sure that an individual is prepared for their health and has a fair idea that how their current lifestyle would affect their health, an HRA is done. HRA or health risk assessment is also referred to as health risk appraisal, is a set of questions that ask you with regards to your current lifestyle and help predict any chronic or acute health-related issues. The base of the questions is mostly stress, sleep, nutrition, mental health, biometrics such as blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

A typical HRA would generally include:

  • A question section
  • Risk Score
  • Feedback report with the area of improvement

While a few may disagree with the fact that Health Risk Assessment and Health Risk Appraisal are not the same things, but generally speaking, both the terms are synonyms to each other and that each has the same outcome following the same process. The important question, though, is how do we do Health Risk Assessment? It is a serious and important questionnaire that sees to a person’s health and probable outcomes, so how do we do a Health Risk Assessment? Here are a few things that may help you do a Health Risk Assessment.

Questions should be evidence-based:

The most important part of the whole Health Risk Assessment part is that the questions should be evidence-based. With evidence-based, it means that all the questions that have been put up in the HRA should have backup and trial attached directly to the recent medical research on that individual or the group of people under observation. In case the questions deviate from their objective of being evidence-based, then the whole outcome of the Health Risk Assessment will be baseless.

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