If you’re a citizen living in the US, you might be checking daily for updates on the COVID-19 scenario. To make your job effortless, we have compiled news about the coronavirus in ongoing times.

The number of coronavirus cases

Since 2020, the number of coronavirus cases has rapidly increased. WHO has reported that there have been over 42 million coronavirus cases in the US, with over 6 lac deaths. In terms of per capita, Tennessee, North Dakota, and Florida have had the most cases, while Mississippi and Florida have the most deaths.

However, even though we have these stats, it’s essential to know that these numbers aren’t all that we can count. Only some people get themselves tested, meaning that many COVID-19 cases and deaths might have gone undiagnosed.

Everything you need to know about the variants affecting the US

Viruses keep on changing, which can cause new variants to form. The delta, alpha, beta, and gamma are just a few variants of the coronavirus.

Delta is the most prominent variant in the US. According to a recent CDC data update, the contagious delta variant now accounts for more than 51% of the cases in the country. This is why public health experts are urging people to get vaccines as soon as possible. So far, the vaccines protect people from the delta variant, but who knows what’s to come in the future? This is precisely why you should think about getting health insurance as soon as possible!

The coronavirus has completely shattered hopes

Although it was predicted that this summer would prove to be a lot better, the predictions could not have been more wrong. The delta variant that suddenly struck has led to many people getting hospitalized and most schooling systems going back to remote learning.

Six months into getting the vaccine, the situation had become astonishingly calm. Leaders in the US had high hopes for us going back to normal. However, the crisis escalated from June to August, with 400,000 cases recorded in June and 4.2 million infections in August. In conclusion, the outbreak is still below all-time peaks, which was reached in winter, where there were a quarter-million cases per day.

What each individual can do now

The easiest thing to do right now is to maintain a safe distance in public and always wear a mask outdoors. If there is no need to go out in public, it would be best to stay at home. The next thing to do is get yourself vaccinated as quickly as possible. The vaccine lowers the chance of the virus spreading. One last thing you should be doing is getting yourself health insurance. If anything does happen, then it’s always best to have health insurance on hand as it can be pretty valuable, especially in a time of crisis like ours.

Health insurance plans

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